A Piece of Blue Sky

The Sewer Dragons: The Usurpers

The party enters the final chamber of the Sewer Dragon lair. It appears to be the final remains of the Opera House stage, half covered in rubble and the lair’s infrastructure.

On the stage are several kobolds conversing with a large black dragon. It doesn’t appear to move very much as it talks, and there is a slight glow emanating from it, almost from within it. It identifies itself as Kibizax, and claims to be a “completely real dragon”, though it’s voice is that of an aging kobold. The party realizes the dragon is some sort of illusion when it’s wing seems to pass through the kobold on it’s right. Kibizax tosses the illusion aside, which seems to be bound to a necklace and is a static three dimensional image.

This reveals Kibizax for what he truly is: a doddering old kobold who is nearly blind and argues in circles with the party, stubbornly clinging to the idea that they are hired assassins sent by Yiddlepode, his traitorous daughter. The party threatens to hurt his son, their hostage Yippitok, hoping to get on regular speaking terms with the old fool. He responds with a bolt of lightning.

“I can always make more children.”

During the fight, Deebo and Razabelle are knocked unconcious for a time, spared death only by Khaliz’s magic. Arbol does his share in knocking out Kibizax’s loyalists, while Deebo is the one to deliver the killing blow to the kobold chief, smashing his head to pulp.

As the [arty gathers itself, Yiddlepode flied down from the rafters in a storm of illusions and lightning. The whole tribe has gathered during the fight and she basks in their attention.

“I accept your surrender,” she says, giving the party a look that insists they play along. They do, reluctantly.

Yiddlepode and the party come to an agreement between the Sewer Dragons and the Pathfinder Society. The Society is given free passage through the sewers in exchange for rights to set up a shop in The Coins with Society agents acting as bodyguards.

The party spends the night, and in the morning they are given breakfast and access to Mergmo’s chamber. In it they find:

1. Four clear glass recording spheres
2. Twelve vials of a bizarre green liquid that seems to contain metal filaments that grow onto whatever they come in contact with.
3. Notes on Mergmo’s addiction and experimentation with the liquid, which gives the subject a sort of “metal sickness” and is a “reduced version than Lady Adath’s dosage.” At some point, Mergmo severed his own arm and used the liquid to grow the stump into the drill they encountered.
4. A pack of letters written in Undercommon.
5. More copies of the AAH Flyers, these being the versions containing the map to the “Absolutely Astounding Confounding Maze of Ultimate Mortal Despair” in Razmiran.

The party decides to head over to Razmiran.



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