A Piece of Blue Sky

The Sewer Dragons: Infiltration

The party enters the underground lair, making their way past a heavily trapped ladder entry. They turn a corner and enter a large dining hall, the massive table emblazoned with the Sewer Dragon logo of a black dragon emanating like smoke from a manhole. Razabelle is checking for traps when she is hit with a single pea. She looks around and cannot find from whence it came. Another pea flies from somewhere around or under the table.

Deebo yells for whoever is throwing the peas and demands that they come out. With a loud crash and bang comes the one-man-band goblin who had been playing at the Grog Pit days ago. He greets the party and plays a song to Razabelle. Deebo tries several times to hit him, but misses. As his song proceeds, the party begins to think that he isn’t so bad. They ask him what he is doing there.

His name is Scribbleface. He was hired to entertain and soothe the riled up tribe of kobolds. He doesn’t know much about the internal goings-on, but there is tension. The dining hall was full, but they had all suddenly cleared. The goblin bard says he is waiting to get paid. Deebo asks him where the scars all over his face came from. He had been the warchanter for a goblin tribe called the Liprippers. He had been secretly writing down his songs and the oral history of the tribe. Goblins, believing that writing steals thoughts from one’s head, burned his songs, carved his face with what they though were letters, and threw him out of the tribe. Now Deebo feels genuine guilt.

They leave him in the dining room as they head to the kitchen. They find the tribe cook who only speaks a few words of common. Through some gestures, and the name Yiddlepode, they deduce that there is some animosity on his part, and he is allied to Kibizax, Yiddlepode’s father and the tribe’s cheif. They are able to half calm him down. Arbol takes some food.

They head down a short hall and find a room with three doors and a large mural dedicated to Asmodeus.

Behind the first door is a stockroom and two kobolds. They attack, ut the party makes quick work of them. They take some supplies from the room, including more food.

The second door leads down a long hallway, where Razabelle is hurt by well concealed traps. It ends in a room that seems to be outfitted as a trapsmithing/lockpicking training room. From a high balcony, Yippitok stares down and demands to know where they come from and why. There are four kobolds in the room with him. There seems to be a fundamental misunderstanding, as Yippitok knows nothing about any deal with the Pathfinder Society, and reacts to his sister’s name in disgust, calling her a traitor. He expresses regret that he didn’t follow Mergmo’s lead and abandon the tribe, but he is fiercely loyal to his father. He believes the party is there on Yiddlepode’s behalf to usurp the tribal leadership, and the party is beginning to feel like they have been tricked somehow.

Yippitok, a skilled alchemist, begins combat by throwing a large bomb at the party. Deebo and Arbol climb up the balcony while Khaliz and Razabelle handle the kobolds closest to them. Deebo is able to yank off the belt of bombs from Yippitok. Rikus, Khaliz’s giant chameleon, grapples the kobold alchemist with his tongue. The other kobolds are killed or beaten into submission. Yippitok, near death, is tied up and dragged away to…

The third door. A massive chamber filled with cots and bunkbeds, and the entire rest of the kobold tribe. One kobold asks them if they are there on behalf of Yiddlepode. They reluctantly say they are. Yippitok doesn’t know her whereabouts.

The tribe asks the party to go through the chamber. Kibizax is waiting.



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