A Piece of Blue Sky

The Red Redoubt

You wake up in a dungeon...

We meet our 4 “heroes” as they wake up in a circular red room, built of smooth red seamless tile. Four doors surround them, with what looks like obsidian orbs set into the spaces between. The last recollection they have is of a late night drinking at Cayden’s Hall. They look each other over, their weapons and belongings nowhere to be found, their bodies clothed in rags.

Their identities are as follows:
Deebo Barathar, a Half-Orc Barbarian
Razabelle, a Gnome Rogue
Arbol, a Half-Elf Monk
Khaliz, an Elf Druid

Deebo and Razabelle are old friends from adventures past. Arbol and Khaliz are new friends, only acquainted the night before.

The four doors around the room are filled with monsters and traps, all easily overpowered by the party. Two goblins, taken prisoner after a brief fight, tell them that they are in the Red Redoubt of Karamoss, a long abandoned siege castle outside of Absalom. The party is also informed that the orbs on the walls in every room are for “the bosses to watch”. The party promptly smears goblin blood on them, a vain attempt to remain unwatched.

The east door (smashed open by an improvised goblin projectile by Deebo) leads to a longer circular hallway, and more monsters, and more traps. Khaliz wonders aloud why this place even exists. The party agrees. Why is there a bunch of subterranean rooms filled with monsters and traps? The Goblins told them that they had all been killed several times each, and that their jobs were to kill whoever opened the door to the room they were in.

Further in the redoubt, they encounter a dual sword wielding goblin, one clearly of a higher station in the goblin tribe. After defeating him, they hear, from somewhere within the walls, a loud tone, followed by a muffled voice announcing something they weren’t able to hear in its entirety. They did hear the phrase “…are not commoners…”

The goblin swordsman has the crude sigil of the Liprippers on his leather clothes, a goblin tribe that infests the sewers of Absalom. Nearby, they also dispatch a ghoul who still retained human clothing, and a badge of the Pathfinder Society. The lipripper swordsman, under fierce intimidation, tells the party that the Red Redoubt was “cleared out and taken over by Mergmo and the boss lady.” He said the key to a door to the hidden spaces of the redoubt was taken by “an intruder who meddled too much” and she was somewhere in the halls.


" improvised goblin projectile…" lol!

The Red Redoubt

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