A Piece of Blue Sky

Cayden's Hall

Enter Yiddlepode

The party makes their way into Cayden’s Hall, and begin to try to sniff out clues as to the previous night’s events. What follows is a unguided and unstructured series of events.

One of the first encounters was with a Dwarf Wizard named Julius who was strangling/interrogating a small mephit in the main room of the Hall. He notices Deebo’s inherited sword and reveals to him a secret compartment in the hilt. Inside is a rolled up Portable Hole, filled with Maritha’s stash of gear and supplies, and a decent amount of gold.

Julius, who accidentally strangled the mephit during his conversation with the party, says he is searcing for a certain manual on summoning larger demons. It was in a basement during one of the previous iterations of Cayden’s Hall, the current being the 14th rebuilding due to rowdy crowds and flammable materials. With some prying, he admits that the manual is being sought out by his client – a tribe of kobolds calling themselves the Sewer Dragons.

Khaliz, wondering of the spirits of nature will speak some truth to her, heads to the small garden outside the Hall. There he finds a small bench with a cloaked figure wearing a large hat sits. He asks the figure a few questions, and they only respond to him with a broad shaking of the head. After a few more probing questions, the figure walks by and only then does Khaliz realize the face beneath the hat is a porcelain mask of a human woman.Trying to grab the masked enigma, he is only able to cause them to sway a bit, and she hears bizarre wooden footsteps.

During these events, Razabelle is trying to bluff her way into performing in the showroom of the Hall, so as to showcase her singing and make a good chunk of money. She is rebuffed by a hostile and aggressive cleric/doorman. He is the only one of the clerics without a strangle little blue earring, and his demeanor doesn’t jive with a chaotic good god like Cayden Cailean.

Khaliz is still following and trying to take down the cloaked and masked figure with the wooden footsteps. He rallies the rest of the party to help out. The figure claims, in a strange and obviously false voice, to be there only for the play starting later in the night. The party takes the figure outside to avoid the crowds.

Unmasked, it’s a purple female kobold on stilts. Also wearing a blue hooded robe beneath the human-esque cloak and hat and mask. Her name is Yiddlepode, and thought she tries (badly) to claim no knowledge of a kobold named Mergmo, she eventually admits to them that he is her brother. He left the Sewer Dragons because he tried to get the tribe to join in some strange scheme and “Daddy didn’t take kindly to these ideas,” so Mergmo left with about 4 or 5 of the tribe members. She reiterates, truthfully, that she is only out tonight for the play. She has several tickets, so as to get a table by herself. She offers the extras to the party.

Arbol asks some drunks at a table if they saw him the night before. One says he did, but is soon silenced by the cleric nearby. The events grow hazy here, with accusations flying, drunks arguing, and the cleric’s earring begins to shine a small blinking blue light. Khaliz gets her chameleon, Rikus, to pluck the earring off after a brief fight The cleric passes out. The drunk is able to tell them that they were part of a drinking contest, and the clerics had served the four of them some strange black shots. After these, they all became docile and followed the clerics into the garden. Razabelle, sure that they are some sort of golems or constructs, advocates for their swift elimination. All the clerics turn on the party, and a barfight ensues. During the chaos, the rude cleric/doorman tries to make his way into a backroom. Unlike the other clerics, he seems possessed of all his faculties. Razabelle takes him down, and Deebo crushes his skull. Oops.

As the bar patrons ransack the backroom’s drink supply, Khaliz looks for what it was the doorman was coming here for. The last three clerics try to escape, their earrings furiously blinking. One is making his way to the front doors, and the other two wait with their hands outstretched. Razabelle takes him down. She is sure he must be important. All at once, Arbol finds Julius the dwarf in a deep trance after drinking one of the black shots, Deebo grabs a barrel of whiskey, Razabelle finds a strange gold ring on the cleric, Khaliz kicks some mismatched bricks in to find a passageway, and Yiddlepode steps out to tell everyone, “The play is starting!!” She claps her little hands in glee.

Somewhere deep and dark, machinations begin to form against these disruptors



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